I am from Adana, I seriously intend to get married

I’m originally from Adana, I’m 1.67 tall, I have dark skin and dark brown eyes, I want serious honest and handsome gentlemen who never lie. I have no bad habits. I am a person with a good family upbringing and a good profession. I have a business of my own, I am staying with my family now and I have never been married. It is important that the person I will marry is in Adana, because I have to be in this city due to my job. If I switch to a different sector in the future, then we have the idea of ​​going to a different city. I have a monthly income of 5500, thank goodness, I don’t have a job or a problem, I want to live in love and affection. Please let single gentlemen reach, good luck to everyone.

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